A dedicated production center and a capillary network of exclusive and specialized suppliers and sub-suppliers, of which Marike guarantees the quality of the results.

The culture of the most advanced industrial production, the know-how of old craftsmanship, the in-depth knowledge of materials, the passion for research, experiment and innovation are the distinctive features of the Contract division of Marike®.







The projects are tailor-made projects, in synergy with the most prestigious international architectural firms: hotels and restaurants, residences, chain stores and boutiques, nursing homes and research centers, libraries, museums and theaters, cruise ships, yachts, barges and offices, by offering both fixed furniture and loose furniture, possibly coordinated with the bathroom furniture of Marike®.





The division can actively collaborate with architectural firms, general contractors, construction companies or shipyards to develop and manufacture interior furniture and accessories, using standard products, adapted to specific needs, and create tailor-made products, together with the “turnkey” formula and as head of the order.






Marike’s success is rooted in its ability to represent simplicity, contemporary culture, sense and anticipate trends and respond to changes in taste as well as the modern requirements of modern living. More information about the company Marike®