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Welcome to the Marike Press section

The Dutch brand Marike® is a leading international specialist in architectural interior and bathroom products. Marike® develops products for interior and bathroom applications in the following fields: Work, Culture, School, Community, Living, Public and Hospitality.



Simple Simple

Perheps the most simple cabinet as ever seen. Simple in design, a simple interplay of lines, a simple grip to open the drawer and a range of simple colours and finished. But that’s not everything that is simple about this Boudewijn Roest design for the Marike® collection…


New two-tone basin collection named TUEBA.

The new Tueba collection distinguishes itself by a small and subtle detail that gives the product just that little bit that you say;WOW. This Marike® collection by designer Boudewijn Roest is all subtlety. The detail has something endearing that makes you want to grab it and caress it.… Quiet special for a washbasin.


The mirror with the lamp shade.

What do I see? Does the lamp run through the mirror or do I see a mirror image? The playful design by designer Boudewijn Roest raises the question whether the lamp is in the mirror or whether this is an illusion. It is not without reason that the new Marike® collection is called Illusion.


The clever UP fountain.

What makes a cabinet handy? Leave it to our designer Boudewijn Roest. The Marike® UP collection is easy to install, has a wide range of colours and has lots of storage space. Whether you want to put a Marike fountain on top, a fountain of a different brand, it all fits.



Florens Lake Resort & Spa

Designer Astrid Jeulink knows how to bring natural and rich materials together in her designs down to the smallest details. Her style ensures that every project is harmonious and that the project is in balance in its entirety…. read more


Iberostar Grand Portals Nous

Grand Portals Nous, operated by IBEROSTAR, is an indulgent five-star hotel where guests are rejuvenated through pampered recreation. Emphasising craft and tactile design, the Mallorquin style is reinforced, inspiring guests with the scenery of Spain…. read more



Within walking distance of the beach, in the prestigious section of the Gas Lamp Section in Manhattan Beach, are two beautiful townhouses. Responsible for the design of this masterpiece is the award-winning international design studio MINARC… read more