Remy Meijers – Amersfoort

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Remy Meijers

All elements fit perfectly into the work of interior architect Remy Meijers (1974). This makes his interiors look almost natural. As if they have always been that way. This does not mean everything. Behind the apparent simplicity of his interior designs is a comprehensive vision. Remy Meijers is not only limited to designing interiors, he is working on an oeuvre in which there is room for architecture, accessories and furniture, among other things. In his eyes, they are not separate elements, but everything intertwines.

Back to the essence

In 1995, Remy Meijers graduated cum laude from the Department of Architectural Design: Interior and Furniture Design at the Utrecht School of the Arts. There he teaches himself to go back to the essence in his designs. That way peace gets a face. It is the basis for his design practice that only really takes shape when he starts an office for interior architecture and furniture design on the threshold of a new century under his own name. Since then he has projected his vision on apartments, villas, canal houses, mansions, estates, hotels, companies, exhibition and retail spaces.


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