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Michael Najjar

The pace of technological progress has accelerated to the point that the future is happening far faster than we could ever have anticipated. Michael Najjar belongs to that contemporary artistic vanguard which takes a critical look at the technological forces shaping the early 21st century. In his photo and video works Najjar approaches art with an interdisciplinary mindset, transmuting the fields of science, art, and technology into visions and utopias of future social structures emerging under the impact of cutting-edge technologies.

Born in 1966 in Landau, Germany, Najjar attended the bildo Academy of Arts in Berlin from 1988 – 1993, where he was trained in the practices of conceptional and interdisciplinary art. During this time he discovered the visionary theories of media philosophers such as Vilém Flusser, Paul Virilio and Jean Baudrillard which have markedly influenced his later work.


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